Spreadsheet Risk Assessment, Development and Optimisation

Most Businesses use spreadsheets and a number of these could be used to support ‘business critical’ functions. These spreadsheets are developed to varying degrees of quality, the extent of testing is unknown and usually they are not subject to change management procedures. Where spreadsheets support business critical functions the impact of incorrect results could be significant.

Typically the problems occur due to poor spreadsheet design, lack of security at work book level, inadequate back up and archiving of data.  

In companies where large numbers or complex spreadsheets are used there is a significant material risk that accounting and operational errors will occur not only affecting the company’s bottom line but also its reputation.

Criterial can help you mitigate these risks. From redesigning an individual spreadsheet to improve end-user productivity through to implementing practical methods for introducing into organisations processes and methods to inventory, test, correct, document, backup, archive, compare and control the legions of spreadsheets that support critical corporate infrastructure.


Software Development and Custom Systems

Criterial delivers custom software solutions tailored to our customer’s business needs.  From a specification or concept we can implement systems using a variety of technologies depending on the size and scope of the project.


SQL Reporting Services

SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) is a server-based report generation software system from Microsoft. It can be used to prepare and deliver a variety of interactive and printed reports.  Reports can be rendered and exported into a wide range of formats including HTML, PDF, CSV, XML and Image (TIFF) as well as Microsoft Office Word and Excel.  

Criterial can provide a range of Reporting Services solutions from ad-hoc reports right up to full report suites integrated into your existing systems.


Project Management

Helping you to manage projects to:-
Improve overall project success rates and reduce cost through professional project management. Criterial employ best-practice techniques and standards to ensure cost-effective implementation of business critical projects.
•    Scope and define your project clearly
•    Estimate the schedule and budget
•    Manage complex projects
•    Monitor progress and assist with change management
•    Provide experienced and effective Project Management